Diablo 3 Patch v 1.07 Details Coming Soon
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Diablo 3 patch v 1.06 has been released on November 27th on US server. Regarding the just two lines of patch, lots of players expressed their confusions. The first is that, the patches in the past all have great changes. Second, all the patches have the fixing bugs, such as patch 1.05a. As to patch v 1.06, just so little changes used a new patch, it really confused the players.
Vaeflare replied the confusion of the players, and also gave us preview of the upcoming patch. We will find some fixed bugs in the new one and use the original words, “Patch 1.0.7 is planned to be a larger patch than 1.0.6”, and some change to the monster level, gold and items, such as whether to add the dye function of legendary items.
At the same time, we should pay attention to one notice that, Blizzard will change the functions of Battle.Net. Compared to the preview of PvP, I guess the vital of the patch is this. Lots of important updates have been hided. In the future, we should be more concern about these kinds of changes.

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