Fortunately, and unfortunately, we have unlimited designer sunglasses to choose from. With the wide selection, it can become confusing and overwhelming to select the right pair. One of the slight plusses of having corrective lenses is that there aren’t quite as many for those who require prescription sunglasses, but the range is ever expanding. For those of us without vision problems, and to an extent those with, below is a short guide to help you find that perfect pair of designer sunglasses.


The first thing you have to figure out is what you can afford. Before you go shopping, online or down the high street, have a price range in mind. Know what you hope to pay for a good pair of designer sunglasses, and the amount that is the most that you can afford. This will obviously whittle down your options. From the designer sunglasses that are in your price range you can select the pair that you like the most.


If you are not someone that can afford to buy a new pair of sunglasses every season, then you should avoid going for trendy designs. Fashion trends are fluid and change from one season to the next. If you buy what is fashionable right now, it will not be trendy 6 months from now. Try to get a pair that has a classic design and neutral colours such as black and tortoise.

Face Shape

Don’t just buy a pair because you like it, make sure they actually suit you. Make sure that the pair you select suits your face shape, your bone structure, and the colour of your skin. There is no point buying a very expensive and stylish pair of sunglasses if it does not look good on you and make you look good too.