Routine is a powerful thing. The right routine can help people manage their working life, keep their housework under control and structure their days off. Unfortunately, they can also keep people caught in patterns, blinkered to ideas and services that could make their life easier, cheaper and happier. Today we’re inspiring you to break out of your routine and find a few local businesses to lift the burden from your daily grind. Look and things from a new perspective and make your life better today.


If you Google “storage near me” you’ll find plenty of storage companies competing for your attention. Storage has become a real growth industry in recent years, and it has more uses than you might give it credit for.

If you’re moving house you should look into storage facilities as a matter of course! You can spread out your moving but putting things into storage and avoid having a stressful day where you try to move everything you own into a new house within 24 hours. This doesn’t just reduce your work load, it also cuts stress by cutting the risk of breakages and lost boxes during one hectic day of moving.

Businesses You Never Knew You Needed In Your Town

It can also help you cut down your clutter. Whether you need a temporary place to store furniture while you make over a spare room, or are looking for long term storage to free up space by moving a collection of LPs, old books or even wine out of the house, a good local storage facility has you covered.

Outsource Your Laundry

Making sure you always have clean, neatly pressed clothes ready to go is one of the most important things you can do as a professional adult. No matter the quality of your work, showing up the office in unkempt and odorous clothing isn’t going to lead to success.

Weekly laundry is something of a grind, especially if you share a house with limited space for drying wet clothes. One way you can reduce the stress and make sure you always look up to the mark is to find a local laundry. We normally just use dry cleaners for exceptional circumstances: getting a suit clean after an incident, or for dresses we simply cannot submit to the washing machine.

Setting up a standing order for a regular wash and press of five shirts, for example, is cheaper than you might think and means you don’t have to worry about always having something clean and neat for work and can devote your valuable time elsewhere.