With the e-commerce boom hitting us in such a big and positive way, by now we all know what e-commerce means. It is the concept of buying and selling of products and services through different online shopping portals.

Each of these online shopping portals will have its own shopping carts, highly secured payment gateways and digital marketing strategies to promote the products. With its simplicity and easy availability—e-commerce has become a part of many household of India. According to a latest report by Statista, by the next couple of years, the global retail online sales will touch $4.5 trillion.

One of the key areas of concern still remains in a developing country like India is the security of their payment gateways. People are still unsure. With the news of online frauds everywhere, coming up every day, Indians are still skeptical to make any purchase decision online using their credit cards or debit cards.

Even though Indians would want to stick to ‘Cash on Delivery’ payment option, they are also adapting to the concept of buy now pay later online shopping. This type of easy-pay option is taking the online shopping world by a storm.

Ever heard of making a cashless transaction while making your next online purchase? And by cashless means you are not paying a single rupee to the online store at that moment for your purchase. All you need to do is select the ‘pay later’ option among the digital payment solution.

There are business vendors who are offering such mode of payment. The process is quite simple—you register with any of the ‘pay later’ partners available online. If your ‘pay later’ partner is included in the payment gateway of the online store you are purchasing from, you need to click that option and relax.

The ‘pay later’ vendor will pay the money to the online store on your behalf. You can make the payment to the vendor within the stipulated time free of any interest. One of the key objectives of such digital payment solution is to provide you with a more secured buying option. You are not using any credit card or debit card while making your purchase. Therefore, your account information and card details are remaining 100% safe.

The top three reasons why sellers need to adopt e-commerce are listed below: 

Anywhere and Everywhere:

Did you know, in the United States over 60% of buyers prefer purchasing products through online shopping portals on the go, instead of visiting physical stores? Buyers these days love the idea of shopping on the go using their mobile phones or tablets and getting the orders delivered at any desired location 24 x 7x 365. This concept of anywhere and everywhere created by online shopping portals is extremely appreciated by end users.

No overhead costs:

For small time sellers, if you are selling your products to your target audience via online portals, you are easily avoiding the overhead costs of having a physical store. All you need to spend on is your inventory and warehouse. With the coming up of stockpiling techniques and automotive management inventory used by online portals, sellers are saving a lot on their time and money.

Increased visibility:

Online portals associate themselves with top SEO companies and digital marketing agencies so that their portal gets the top search engine ranking. Therefore, online visibility generated by the site will automatically enhance the visibility of the products as well. This in turn will definitely boost sales.