Australia is a place for excellent institutions providing 22,000 programs in different areas of study. This is the third most chosen place for higher studies of foreign students. The excellence learning system for students, the nearby quiet, friendly locals and job opportunities attract thousands of foreign students every year.

Apart from this, studying the programs of Australian universities helps in acquiring knowledge and skills during new training. Thus, international students get accredited certification and in Australia, that teaches a bright career.

Skilled Migration Internship Program – Accounting (SMIPA) was designed by Chartered Accountant Australia, CPA Australia, and Public Accounting Institute. This program allows you to achieve the goals of your career and to overcome the barriers to employment by acquiring knowledge, skills and workplace experience, employers are searching for.

What Is The Professional Year Accounting (SMIPA) In Australia?

Program Duration:

  • Coaching component: 30 weeks (weekend 1 x 8 hours per week, weekday 2 week 4 hours sessions per week)
  • Internship setting: 12 weeks (full time)
  • Business Component: Completed during 44-week (minimum) program

What will you acquire?

In this module, you will prepare workplace concepts for work, consist of:

  • Creating a positive first impression with key language and acceptable etiquette
  • Identify and adapt the culture of a company
  • Understanding the important skills of emotional intelligence and how you can improve it
  • Setting up short and long-term career goals and learning ways to achieve them
  • Establishing work related objectives related to performance review

The beginning of effective conversation is good principles and punctuation. This unit presents the essential skills for communication with people in the workplace. You will:

  • Learn the communication strategies that help build workplace relationships
  • Small things, understand the importance of tone and meaning, and various workplace styles
  • Discover the difference between informal and formal language and adjust your language to suit your audience.

To enroll for an Accounting Professional Year Program (SMIPA), you must have:

  • Graduates from a related Higher Education program within Australia (minimum 2 year duration)
  • Apply for a subclass 485 temporary residence visa for skilled migration and show proof of your application
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.0 (no band less than 6.0) or equivalent was achieved
  • A Skills Assessment Letter from Accounting Professional Bodies (for the SMIPA Program only).

Learn how to get professional jobs in Australia with an understanding of recruitment procedures, effective application writing and strong interview performance. You will:

  • Learn how you can use social media to support your job search
  • Identify important selection criteria, including the necessary and preferred skills in an advertisement
  • Research companies and job advertisements for creating professional CV and cover letters
  • Learning professional dress, body language and non-verbal signs for interviewing
  • Understand, be prepared to interview questions and answer successfully.

This module enables you to experience planning and implementation of a team project in your internship placement and future career preparation. How do you practice by working in a team on a company project?

  • Suitable responses to understanding and directions
  • Establishment of effective workplace relationships
  • Establishment and Maintenance of Effective Networking Opportunities
  • Promote innovation in a team environment
  • Work effectively with diversity

The awareness of your workplace rights and the specific rules governing the workplace are necessary. This module introduces the rights and responsibilities in the workplace and reporting issues. You will understand how the workplace health and safety rules apply to you and basic reporting processes and understand how diversity is encouraged in the Australian workplace and employees to have the right to enjoy a safe place of work.  

Internship placement offers invaluable work experience and links to Australian work practices. You will start applying your learning in a real workplace setting. During your internship placement, you can join and collaborate with professional work teams, Experience at the hands of the business world and Australian workplace culture, Work under the guidance of the workplace supervisor, fully supported by our placement consultants who monitor our progress, participate in a real, professional and corporate culture, Referring to the employer on successful completion.

The Professional Year Accounting (SMIPA) is a useful and powerful program can promote graduate credentials and make them more capable for organizations across the country.