Rubber is the common and widely used material used in our routine lives. Rubber industry works with two varieties of rubber – natural and synthetic. Experts source cooling towers for rubber industry to regulate manufacturing operations. Cooling towers are the devices that manage and control the temperature of the attached equipment. In this article, we will discuss man-made rubber or synthetic rubber use in detail.

Why Industry Is Using Synthetic Rubber For Production?

The discovery of synthetic rubber or Buna rubber was in the year 1935. After discovery, it has been used in multiple applications in distinct sectors. Some of the critical uses of man-made rubber include the following-

  • Tyres

Manmade rubber or synthetic rubber is used by automotive industry for manufacturing distinct types of tires. These tires are super durable and tensile. Thus, the majority of manufacturers consider synthetic rubber as one of the finest options for automotive tires production.

  • Fuel missiles

During Second World War, rubber-based fuel was used for launching missiles. Synthetic rubber can be manufactured into various forms, so it is exceptionally used for space travels.

  • Science and medical sector

Synthetic rubber is also applied in the sector of science and medicine. Factories used synthetic rubber for making rubber gloves, orthopedic braces and other medicinal products.

  • Adhesive tapes and gum

Since rubber has adhesive qualities, manufacturers use synthetic rubber to make batches of adhesive tapes and gums.

These tapes and gums are used everywhere across the world. Even the tape you use at home is made of plastic and synthetic rubber.

  • Protective clothing

If you are working in a chemical factory, you have to wear special kit that includes gloves, boots, coat and glasses. These gloves, boots, and coat are made of synthetic rubber because it is chemical resistant. Even the diving suit is made of synthetic rubber because it is waterproof.

  • Hoses and tubes

Man-made or synthetic rubber is also used for manufacturing garden hoses, gaskets, belts, mechanical seals, and hoses. It is also applied in the manufacturing process of inner tubes, lab tubes, and hoses.

Besides these uses, manmade rubber is also applied in the manufacturing process of inflatable boats, diving suits, and all types of protective clothing. You can find many varieties of synthetic rubber products in online stores at reasonable rates.

This article is posted by manufacturers that are designing cooling towers for the rubber industry, food industry, pharma industry, and more. If you have any question, ask in comments below.