Lifting equipment industry has so many risks associated with it in terms of safety in all areas, whether it is the site, equipment or the worker himself. This makes it vigilant to take proper care while working with the different kinds of lifting equipment in order to avoid any mishappening.

Few Smart Tactics To Follow When You Hire Lifting Equipment

Important Points to Notice Before Hiring a Lifting Equipment

Quality at its Best

It needs to be ensured that the equipment is of sufficient quality to carry multiple loads. Even if you are purchasing second hand equipment, you must ensure carefully that it is free of all kind of defects.

Safe Working Load

The maximum SWL limit of the equipment is a mandatory aspect to note down. If this load limit exceeds, it may result in the failure of the most robust and well-contructed equipment. In case, they are put under too much strain, it may put your workers at risk.

Manual or Powered by Electricity!

An equipment powered by electricity gives maximized productivity but it is more expensive. This is the reason that for major projects, manually powered tools are the most preferred one to do the desired job.

Safety at Par

It is the legal responsibility of the buyer to check that the specific lifting equipment meets legal safety requisites. It is the sole obligation of supplier to provide you with the complete regulation manuals.

Quality must be Primary

It is an important step to be careful for where you buy your lifting equipment from. Steer clear from online auction sites, and also private sellers as an industrial accident could spell disaster.

Thorough Training

If you’re planning to buy a new product that you are unsure of, then you should focus attention over a project in training time to ensure the safety and well-being of your workers.

Prefer to Hire Equipment

If you want to have lifting equipment for your company, it would be quite cost-effective to hire the most-suited equipment of your choice. It is more crucial in the scenario when you need a piece of equipment for merely one or two projects.

Complete Maintenance

The products that are easy to maintain must only be selected. This is because the equipment which is tough to maintain will cause more cost in the long-term, although it is less expensive initially.

Experts’ Guidance

Finding a great deal from a reputable dealer is an intelligent move to opt for a profitable lifting equipment. A wise decision from them can be helpful to resolve all sort of dilemma.

How to Gain Safe Use of Lifting Equipment

  • Lifting equipment must be of sufficient strength pertaining to each load lifted.
  • Every part of the load and any of its attachment must be of adequate strength.
  • Equipment specified for lifting people must safeguard them from being trapped and falling from the carrier.
  • Suitable devices must be in stock to prevent the carrier from falling.
  • Lifting equipment must be positioned safely to minimize the risk that anybody will struck or fall down a shaft or hoist way.
  • Lifting operations must be planned and carried out with safety by competent and authorized people along with appropriate supervision.
  • Before you hire a lifting equipment, it must be thoroughly examined for any kind of defect.
  • Examination must be made before going into service for the first time, after installation/assembly, before getting into the service and at appropriate intervals while in service.
  • Safety highly depends on the installation and assembly conditions.
  • No step must be missed unless accompanied by declarations specified in LOLER inspection manual.
  • Equipment should not be used until the defects revealed during the examinations or inspections have been rectified.
  • If the lifting equipment has been exposed to conditions that can cause deterioration and is more likely to result in a dangerous situation, then there arises the need to be thoroughly examined by a competent person.
  • The optimum time is at least after every 6 months for a passenger carrying device, and likewise for a lifting accessory, it is required to be monitored after every 12 months.


In the lifting systems environment, it is the need of the hour to stay safe. There are plenty of safety measures that need to be observed closely to have flawless results in the several application areas pertaining heavy duty tasks. The above checklist is a beneficial approach to carry varied loading activities successfully.