Our pets are a part of our lives, and having your pet insured ensures that the vet bills are covered, should the animal become ill or suffer injuries of any kind, and like human insurance, there is a range of policies available. If you would like to insure your cat or dog, there are online companies that specialise in providing cover for all types of animals, and here is a brief overview of what pet insurance entails.

Accident Only

From the age of 8 weeks, your pet can be insured against injuries sustained from an accident. Like us, animals go through a learning experience, and it isn’t unusual for a kitten of puppy to get into a little mischief, which could cause injury. There is no upper limit for this type of cover, which means that old animals can be covered for any accidental injury. Most families consider their pet to be part of the family and in the event they required medical attention, would want the animal to receive prompt and effective treatment.

Full Cover

This form of pet insurance covers any vet bills incurred, and most policies will pay up to 80% of the cost of treatment, irrespective of the cause. There are set age limits for this type of cover, and if your cat or dog is under that age, they can be covered for any situation.

Policy Exclusions

As with all forms of insurance, there are exclusions, and with pet insurance, they could include pregnancy, diet, and grooming, while behavioural issues might also be excluded. Regarding pre-existing conditions, if there are no signs of the condition when the policy was taken out, you would be covered, however, if the animal has a history and the insurer was not notified of this, the cover might not extend to anything related to the existing condition.

Choice of Vet Services

Your pet would more than likely have its own vet, which means the animal will be comfortable with this person, and the customer can choose the vet that treats the animal. Your local vet would have all the essential medical records of your pet, and some owners are adamant about only allowing their family vet to treat their pet. Exposing your pet to a stranger in a traumatic setting might not be the best idea, so it is always advisable to use your regular vet when possible.

Routine Care Cover

This includes any treatment for general care of your pet, such as:

  • Deworming
  • Micro-Chipping
  • Vaccinations
  • General Health Check
  • Dog Training
  • Cremation and Burial Services

This form of pet insurance is ideal for high maintenance breeds that require regular attention on a permanent basis, and by talking to the insurer, you can be specific about what is included in the cover.

Online solutions make it easy to source a reputable pet insurer and after comparing premiums and terms, a secure online payment means your pet is automatically covered.