People can’t help but feel sentimental about their homes. It is their life’s work. Its walls knew every secret, each room holds a cherished memory, every hallway stood witness to all who came and went.

But just like all good things, your house will lose its luster as years pass. When the time comes for you to sell it or have it rented out for whatever reason, you won’t be able to demand the value that you think it deserves. To you, it is worth the world. But to potential buyers and renters, it is nothing but an old and ordinary-looking structure that is not worth their hard-earned money. That is sure to break your heart.

Don’t wait for this to happen by finding ways to boost your house’s value. These do not need to break the bank. Even the most minor design changes and regular upkeep can make a whole world of difference.

Here’s How To Make A Great Money From Your Old Abode

Here are some cheap fixes to increase the value of your home or condo, and make sure that people will value it as much as you do.

Splash of fresh paint

A paint job is the most cost-effective way to improve your house. And it works all the time. But before you open that can of paint, have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. There are a lot of condo paint colors out there, with different textures and finishes. Do you want gloss or matte? Are you going to paint the entire house, just one room, one corner or just the kitchen cabinets?

Freshly-painted rooms look new and vibrant. It seems neutrals are still the safest way to go, but if you know what look you are aiming for, darker and even quirkier shades can work exquisitely well.

Make it look bigger

You can’t change the square footage of your property but you can make it look bigger. Visual space, or how big space feels, makes a lot of difference. Think vertical when you want to create this illusion. Floor-to-ceiling storage and vertical blinds and shutters are a good way to start. Mounting a mirror would also help. And of course, clear the clutter regularly so space does not feel cramped.

Implement green improvements

The market value of eco-friendly properties is typically higher than traditional ones. A study of the real estate market in Washington D.C. found that from 2008 to 2013, green homes sold for 23% more than conventional homes. This is also because buyers are willing to pay more for green design features, knowing that it is the wave of the future.

You don’t need to completely rebuild your house to be able to integrate green architecture and design. You can make simple changes now such as installing awnings on the windows, installing solar panels, switching to LEDs, and paying attention to insulation.

Bathroom makeover

You don’t need to add a jacuzzi or a bathtub to increase the value of your old home. Small changes such as updating the sink or faucet, adding metal rods for towels and shower bins, mounting additional storage, updating the mirror, and making sure that tiles are fresh and clean will do the trick. A lot of people are very particular with bathrooms; but more than the size, they mostly just want it clean and a little stylish.

Update the kitchen

If you have very limited budget for a makeover, spend it on your kitchen and you are surely to get the returns. Home and condo living are all about family dinners, food, and stories. And these are all done in the kitchen and dining area. Foot traffic is also very heavy in this part of the house, that’s why it also needs the most attention. Update your kitchen by replacing tiles and repainting the cabinets. Add an island or a mini-bar if the space allows you. Just make sure that it is as functional as it is stylish.

Invest in storage

This is one investment that will surely win you bucks. A cost-effective way to increase the value of your old home, additional storage is one of those things that matter to a lot of buyers and renters especially if your house does not have the luxury of space. Invest in built-in storage in the bedroom and living area to maximize the space.

Clean your house now

A sparkly home can attract buyers or renters easily. It shows that it is maintained well, regardless of age or square footage. Never allow dirt and clutter to build up over time. Cleaning your house regularly would also allow you to monitor the overall maintenance of your house, helping you save on potential major repairs.

Remove “what’s that” areas

Have you ever bought a friend over and she casually asks “what’s that?” It could be an old-fashioned wallpaper, obvious crack on the wall or a scratch on the floor. Whatever it is, remove it or fix it. The more questions are asked, the more people aren’t interested in the house until you are forced to lower your price.

Let there be light

Never underestimate the value of lighting. It is one of the most important tips to increase your house or condo value. It helps buyers or renters to feel light and good about a place. If your house does not have natural ventilation for air and light to come through or if there is just one bulb lighting common areas, the house can look dark and feel too confined. This creates a bad first impression.

Have a special corner

Make home and condo living look and feel more special by setting up a “special” corner. This doesn’t have to eat up so much space or needs to be constructed. You may turn that corner near the window into a reading nook by adding a  comfortable lounge or even a sofa. Dress up the patio or balcony so that it becomes the outdoor living room. These special areas of the house could be unique selling points.

Your house is worth the world and you know it. Start with cheap fixes now and reap the profits later. Should you give it up one day, you can be assured that it will be worth the value it deserves.