For those of you who are looking for an experienced boat shipping company we have a great solution. Our boat transportation company knows widely as Cigisped is not popular only in Dubai, where the head center is located, but also all over the globe.

For more than a decade our company has been shipping yachts and various kinds of boats, such as motorboats, all over the world. It all depends on your final destination that will be better if you specify in advance. Some of our clients have become potential clients after all those years. Some of them usually attend yacht shows and various competitions that are annual. For that matter we are willing to provide a yacht transporting service on the highest level that is possible.

By the way we also offer to our clients cradles for boat and yacht shipping that are totally possible to buy or order, that is why our service are totally available for private owner of yachts, shipping dealers, etc.

Great Boat Shipping Solution

Our professional members of the team have been working in this sphere for years; they have enough experience and are skillful for coping with any kind of boat transportation.

Our main priority is to leave every single client totally satisfied with our work. We do realize that your yacht, ship or boat is very expensive and important for you. So with our aid you can be 100% sure that there would not be even a tiny scratch on it after your transportation is finished.

Our Company wants to fulfill all your need by providing the fastest and the high-quality transportation of your boat that is possible. If you are wondering how to make an offer and apply for yacht or boat transportation, than you ought to fulfill the form that you can find on our web-site. We ask you to answer on every question and take your time. Please specify the exact location of your yacht, the size of it and also the destination point.

Our price totally depends on the size of your boat and the final destination, whether it is too far or not. As you can guess the timing of a delivery can vary, according to the same causes.
Our company wants to improve the professional relationship with ship owners, boat owners and those clients who possess yachts. For that matter we want you to see the exact kind of services that we offer to our clients:

  • We are offering you a yacht transportation service that will be time-consuming to any destination, including countries of Europe, Asia, etc.
  • We have only skillful professionals as members of our team, and for that matter we can totally promise you in time delivery, according to the previously discussed dead-line.
  • You will be saving money with shipping your boat, while choosing our company.
  • Our company was certified, and is totally legitimate
  • For our customers we offer 24/7 support, you may call us or write the email any time of the day, or week
  • In case you are worrying about your yacht or boat we can provide you with a personalized insurance.

We also have to mention that we offer to our clients a various types of boat shipping. Your boat will be transported with the help of cranes or shipping cradles, according to the massiveness of your boat or yacht.

By the way we are proud to offer a very flexible service, but in order for you to get your yacht shipped in time you have to make an offer in advance. It may happen this way that you need your boat to be transported to the other country very quickly, in couple of days, this way the prices will be a little higher but we will still manage to make it happen.

In order for you to be sure that you are getting quality and security you can read various reviews on our web-site, that our many potential clients had written. Nowadays there are so many fraud-companies who do not care about the client, but they are more obsessed with charging them, taking away huge checks and amount of money. We, on the contrary, want you to be happy and satisfied with our yacht shipping service. We regard every client as a friend, who is very important, other than a simple customer.