Everybody likes greeting cards. That slight heavier weight and extra thickness makes you feel like it’s your special day- regardless of what your age is. Getting people in a good mood is a perfect marketing strategy for your business in the realm of direct marketing. And, yes when email greetings fall by the wayside, it is the physical greetings that retain your market value. Here are some greeting card printings to increase clients through your doors.

How Can You Use Greeting Printing To Advertise Your Business

Customer required blanks

It is a remarkable idea to assure that your card will be kept and used in the future and go to more than one person. Though you have little chances of direct marketing with such greeting card printing, but branding opportunity is very high. If you wish to send company cards to your clients to be used at Christmas or New Year, then find a quirky idea to connect the event, your company and your clients. Greeting card printing doesn’t get ignored like an email greeting. If you have the right addresses of the clients, you can send them greetings on holidays, special occasions and events of the company or use it to let your target audience know about an upcoming promotion or sale.

Appointment reminder cards

Businessmen often use appointment reminder cards. They are more prominently placed in wallets for future ref. they also provide you with space to commence a dialog with your clients. Greeting card printing companies like 55printing generally feature a wide variety of sizes, designs and themes. All you need to do is ask the sales representative for their support and you’ll get the best printable card for your company.

As birthday cards on the birthdays of your clients

If your company keeps a database of your client’s or customer’s birthdays, then as a part of your loyalty program, you can appreciate your customers by sending a greeting card. You’ll possibly be the only company they have met that does so- great and perfect idea of business promotion and branding.