Opinions matter, and yes they do when it comes to a local restaurant, a debate on a national issue, or a recommendation about real estate businesses. Specially, when you are planning to buy a house, it’s better to take opinions of industry expert and user’s reviews before you invest your hard-earned money. The negative feedback too helps building organizations grow and improve and take all criticisms in a constructive manner. As a real-estate owners who have invested a lot on marketing, it’s also important for you to take a step back and review the effectiveness of their marketing methods.

How Online Reviews Can Bring More Opportunities In Real-estate?

Below are the top five ways to bring more real-estate business via online reviews work for you;

Identify Right Review Platform: There are a lot many websites and online data basis where the clients could come forward and rate their business, and here are the three places where you could actually go ahead and begin with. Zillow and Trulia is being specific on real estate and buying, where the professionals could here be searched through former client ratings. Yelp being based on the local reviews and LinkedIn for recommendations highlights from specific clients and customers.

Give Timely Response To each Review: Responding to your first bad review for your clients and customers would be like ripping off a Band – Aid, stinging a little, but no longer you let it sit the worse it gets. You would here need to respond quickly and professionally to a negative review. So do make sure that you carefully write a response so that it is considerate and respectful enough. Keep it in mind that the current and potential customers might read and judge your response.  I would here recommend you to write the response sitting for an hour and then edited once you are going to go ahead and get it posted.

Remember it’s you who is running your business: When someone finds you to be negative review it does become easy enough that you take things personally. But this is not your personal page, and it is important that you remember to keep things at a certain business level. For example suggesting that they contact the office when anything required or asking if there is anything that they could do in order to improve or resolve things helping you from getting their things personal. Again you would here want to subtly guide the conversation offline.

Manage your reviews & ratings: Managing your reviews is something that needs to be done regardless of whether you have been asking your customers or not. Have an appointment being set on your schedule and then continue to stick to it. Expect to spend atleast 10 – 20 minutes reading and responding to customers. So if your review sites would here allow your customers to make responses, then make an effort of managing the reviews on daily basis interacting with the clients. Thank your customers of regardless of whether the review is a positive or a negative one.

Turning negative reviews to the positive ones: According to a research study being conducted by the social commerce company, organizations begin to trust the reviews when they have both positive and negative reviews written against them. So if you have come across bad reviews then respond in positive manner. Say for example acknowledging the clients concern, apologizing for the inconvenience caused, and the last but not the least ending with a word of gratitude and a solid solution to the issue.

To conclude with more and more individuals turning to online recommendations even before taking their family out for a dinner, and it’s but obvious that before buying any property or luxury apartment their decision will be highly influenced online reviews of the builder or real-estate organization. In this age, where everything is bought in the house is based upon online ratings, it’s high time that real-estate businesses works seriously towards improving their online ratings and reviews.