Continually we talk about how to improve time management and that there are hundreds of books with tools, methods and techniques to learn to manage our time more effectively. We ordered our projects, tasks and deadlines regarding a timeline, as a workday we intend to meet effectively and in an orderly manner. However, most of the time, we do not consider an essential factor that will determine compliance or not of our purposes; our energy.

Forget Time Management - Manage Your Energy

The Importance of Managing Energy and Time Management

Declining productivity depends on many factors over which we have control or not. Poor planning, constant interruptions or lack of energy are some of the highlights. Identifying the influence these factors have on our daily lives, we try to solve them and improve our potential.

Imagine you are just very productive early in the day, but constantly this schedule is full of meetings, appointments or calls. Following the pace of work you will be wasting your potential. If we manage to locate what times we have higher performance can adjust our schedules to our energy levels and thus improve our productivity are getting. For this you can take as a sample a week of work, pointing at what times you find yourself with more energy and in that moment you find yourself with less. With the data obtained can prepare an energy calendar through which you can schedule your tasks to a more suitable moment of your day depending on your needs.

But not only is control our working moments but also moments of pause. Knowing when to rest will help us be more effective at work. Set blocks of time with tasks suited to our energy at all times is a good way to take forward the work to do. Although it can be expensive at first, in the medium term it will help us get our full potential.

When we are exhausted, it is virtually impossible to get a good performance. Knowing our vital rhythm will be essential to start managing our time effectively. Planning our work according to our energy and short breaks or establishing routines that help us unwind, get better, manage our time and consequently we can be more productive.

If you have found interesting this advice, put into practice and see how they improve your results and how to complete tasks more effectively.