It seems that the market never lies. You already know what is the realistic price range of your home, and you already count on a certain amount. However, there is always that amount that you fantasize about and that you hope somebody will offer. You cannot do a complete makeover of your home without spending a lot of money because it will never pay off. But, you can use some inexpensive tweaks in order to pinch a bit more extra money from your buyers. It will definitely take you closer to that amount that you fantasize about. Here are 5 golden rules of increasing home value.

4 Tips For Increasing Your Home Value

Money Saving Additions

There are little things that do not cost a lot of money, but they increase the energy efficiency of your home. This means insulation of your windows and doors, using the tape. Besides that, you can always buy the water purifying filters. Mention it as a way of saving money on bottled water. These kinds of things are important to people and they give them the feeling of luxury. Hence, it increases the home value above the costs that you had installing those details.

Painting Everything – Absolutely Everything

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for your house. Paint the exterior for that curb appeal people have once they see your home. That is the first impression that your house leaves. The walls inside the house need some painting, as well. This is not the time to experiment with the colors and finishes. Keep them simple and bright, which will allow your home to seem bigger. Also, grab some paint and refinish the old kitchen cabinets, chairs and tables. It will take a bit of time, but it will definitely pay off.

Consider Professionals

There are a couple of professionals that you may want to consider inviting to evaluate your home and help you. Hire a designer by the hour. In just an hour or two, they will have a couple of good ideas concerning the arrangement, colors and furniture. Professional cleaners will give your home that crisp look of a new house and they will do the type of cleaning that you can never do on your own. The last, but not the least is a good property agent. They can help you with the entire process, but they can also give you good advice about the improvements your house needs, which are sought for on the market.

4 Tips For Increasing Your Home Value

Create Space

The general rule of thumb when it comes to buyers is that they like big places and a lot of space. Therefore, make sure you give them that either only visually or really creating more space. The first thing you can do is to knock down the non-structural wall and create the open plan space. When it comes to the kitchen island can be a good thing, or a thing that reduces space. Think it through and even consider a movable kitchen island, especially if you already have plenty storage space in the kitchen cabinets.

If you have a little bit of a green thumb, make sure you have even the most basic garden in front of your home. Plant a couple of trees and a couple of nice, low maintenance plants and your house will look way better. This is something that does not take a lot of work and it definitely increases the value of your home.