We should always try to take our small business to the next level. This will ensure that our business will always grow. For different companies, the “next level” always means something different. However, the core principal is always the same. For many companies, money isn’t actually an issue and the real problem could be related to leadership. In this case, many owners and managers can’t really let go and delegate many tasks. It can actually be difficult for many small business owners to let their employees to make critical decisions. They could have a conviction that they can do much better and a lot faster. The real problem is also that they are reluctant to train others to make the proper decision. They could feel that the company will fall apart if they let others to make the critical decision. In reality, a company may experience sustainable growth only if others in the company are empowered to make important decisions. Napoleon had many capable generals who were delegated to lead numerous important, supporting battles; other than those directed by Napoleon himself.

How to Allow Our Business to Grow?

Without allowing people to define real decision making process, it will be nearly impossible to get our business to the next level. The business owner may be a perfect guy to help the company to generate $300,000 of annual gross revenue, but he may need the help of others to bring the annual gross revenue to $1 million. It is a real fact that business owners need to let their companies to outgrow them, if they want to see real growth and expansion. Business leaders need to train their staff regularly and this can make sure that the company will be taken to the next level. Often actions and methods used to bring the company to the next level are completely different than those used to initially establish the company. There could be changes on how products should be marketed.

Among the real challenges face by business owners is that their company may actually grow too fast. This could actually happen to some businesses and without an effective infrastructure, bad things could happen. In fact, a business may decline when it is unable to satisfy consumers during peak conditions. In this case, we shouldn’t rely on a foundation for one-story house, if our company will grow to a skyscraper. It is important to check our infrastructure, specifically our technology, procedures, processes and systems. These things should be evaluated and some changes will be needed if we want out business to grow. As soon as our business outgrow present infrastructure, it will start to experience various problems. As an example, internal communication among staff and customer service quality could be lacking. When this happens, we won’t be able to manage various basic tasks. Business owners may refuse to let go of the specific aspects of the core business. They are already too involved with these tasks and in many cases, they should start to wear the manager hat.