Business may perform various marketing methods in the online world, but they could do various preventable mistakes:

5 Common Online Marketing Mistakes

  1. Ignore pay per click advertising: Many companies ignore the importance of pay per click advertising. In reality, when users use Google search engine, they will see plenty of ads. There are usually a special promotion box on top of the search engine, beating even companies that have worked hard to achieve the first positions through SEO methods. In reality, local advertisers are able to obtain very cheap advertising in Google and it’s really easy to set up. If we define a limited region for our advertising, we will be able to significantly reduce costs of pay per click advertising.
  2. No integration between offline and online methods: Many business owners make mistake by not integrating online and offline methods. As an example, advertising on both platforms may deliver different messages. We should make sure that our marketing messages are similar and consumers should be able to see some correlations. As an example, newspaper ads could provide brief information, while our website offers complete and comprehensive information. Many businesses make mistake by publishing newspaper ads, but their website hasn’t been updated appropriately. So, we should make sure that when people are interested with our brief marketing messages, they will get much more complete information in our website.
  3. We don’t differentiate tactic and strategy: Many business owners thing to tactically, not strategically when they perform online marketing. As an example, they only try to submit articles regularly and ads in Google Adwords. However, they may not think strategically and they don’t have plan on what they want to achieve. We could become more strategic by having short-, medium- and long-term goals. In general, actions designed for short-term goals can be considered as tactical actions. However, they should be designed to achieve medium-term goals. On the other hand, by achieving multiple medium-term goals, we should be able to achieve a long-term goal.
  4. There’s no immediate action: Many business owners don’t take immediate actions to appease end users. There are multiple steps that can help consumers enthusiastic and motivated. As an example, we could provide free reports and other free digital content. As an example, we could deliver free tips on things that could interest people. If people feel that they are helped enough, they will leave name, email and even sometimes, phone number. Immediate actions should be performed when potential consumers have visited our websites multiple times. It means that they are already interested with our content and perhaps even our products.
  5. We do everything in-house: When performing marketing methods, we should avoid doing everything in-house. It can be a real costly mistake, especially because there are latest techniques and methods that we can use. Our promotion techniques should be designed to generate sales and traffic. We need to be able to educate people. If we can’t create a good YouTube video, then we should outsource the task to others. This will allow us to gain more views and eventually traffic to our website.